knowledge and resources.

Are you
encountering a problem with your phones, systems or internet?

Not sure
who to turn to?

businesses we speak to are confused and frustrated, they just want t have their
services working.

We at
Aquatel Advanced Communications are the professionals in telecommunications.

Are you
tired of common cablers giving you the same old excuses?

We are all
qualified telecommunications technicians, engineers and cablers at Aquatel.

Advanced Communications have the training, experience and complex equipment to
carry out your installation, fault rectification and solutions.

If we find
the problem in the carrier network away from your building, you will be given
the right information to hand it back to your ISP for quick results. We will
not just shrug it off as a Telstra, NBN etc problem and walk away. We have the
test equipment to prove a customer cabling, equipment or an ISP fault.