You want to jump the ship and give your business to someone else, but who do you choose? HOW do you choose? Everyone is full of promises, but can they actually deliver?? Stay tuned for some questions to ask and what to keep in mind when making your decision.

First things first! What providers are actually available in your area and what type of internet are you able to have?

There are a few options available to the public: NBN (various methods of delivery), Starlink Satellite, Cable, Telstra/ Optus/ TPG Fibre, Mobile Broadband plus more. Commonly people think about NBN as one of the initial choices, and why not? They have promised all these great and super high speed connections to every in Australia, right? Well in some areas they are great and in some, it leaves a lot to be desired.

What you need to do is do some research as to what type of a connection you can get in your area. Eg, if you are considering NBN, you can go on their website and search your address to see what technology (eg Fibre, Wireless, Copper) they can provide the service on and give you a list of providers you can connect through. Remember – NBN is an infrastructure provider, you need to connect your service through a carrier such as Telstra/ Optus, Aussie Broadband (there is a million of them). Certain carriers only offer certain types of connections, so here is your provider filter straight away!

Next – go for quality. It is easier said than done because how can you compare invisible apples with invisible oranges??

In internet quality there are (in simple terms) 2 things that matter: Speed and Bandwidth. I argue that bandwidth IS the MOST important thing when it comes to quality of your connection.

As I like to explain using car analogy: your car can travel at ANY SPEED down a highway, but if there is a SLOW car in front of it and it’s a single-lane road, you can only travel as fast as that car travels. However in a multi-lane road, you can easily overtake and keep going, until you hit PEAK HOUR and during that time, the more lanes you have on the road, the better. The size of the road, is in fact BANDWIDTH (or the size of the “pipeline”) that your internet travels through. The bigger the pipeline, the more “cars” you can send through it and they will get there pretty quick.

So- not all providers are created equal, although many will promise similar speeds, what they DO NOT TELL YOU is that their bandwidth can be very different. Some smaller providers can also “over-subscribe” customers to their “pipeline” thus creating more traffic on the line where everyone will experience congestion, especially during high usage times of the day (like evenings! – Netflix anyone??) This leads to slow internet, dropouts, and very unhappy movie-watchers.

Unfortunately, nobody advertises the above, therefore this is the hard part of choosing the provider – do some research, talk to friends, go for well-established and known companies for their quality, read reviews. Feel free to talk to our team if you need some help!

Other considerations are: your experience as a customer – where is their call centre located? How easy is it to talk to someone to get some help, whether it’s about an account query or technical issue?

How quickly will they send someone to rectify a service fault? Often smaller providers “rent” service through a larger Carrier, therefore by the time you report a fault to them, they will think about potential fixes for it, report it to their wholesaler, who will go through their process of identifying the issue, then potentially send fault request to NBN to come to look at the network side of things….

Well, as you might be realising by now – this is a long wait and very frustrating!

Continuing with the above thought on smaller providers, they mostly “rent” service from a wholesaler (eg Telstra, TPG, Optus etc) so when you are considering the quality of the internet, it is useful to know whose network they use so that you can make an informed decision on who to choose. But I’m not completely knocking the little guys – they can potentially provide some excellent customer service and and even on-site support. These are just some things to keep in mind.