Our Team

Noel Aynsley

Business Principal

Noel Aynsley is the Business Principal of AquaTel Telephones and Cabling, Aqua Telecoms and Synergy Telecoms. Noel has over 40 years experience in the industry. This includes both internal and external aspects of telecommunications, Telstra, Optus, Transact networks, technical and management, PBX and CPE.


Noel has held a variety of executive positions in Telstra, Australian Business Telephone Company (ABTC), Austar Pay TV, Skilled Communications, Integrated Group and Adtech Communications. On leaving Telstra, Noel had achieved the executive position of Area General Manager Central West at Level 8.


Noel’s experience covers both Telecommunications & Information Technologies including internal and external aspects of Telephony, Data, Cabling and Equipment such as PABX, LAN, VoIP, Optical Fibre, Convergence, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Exchange MDF etc.

Project Management

Over this period of time Noel has gained hands on experience in Project Management and Recruitment.

Training and Development

Noel originally qualified as a Technical Trainer for the Australia Telecommunications Commission under the Public Service Board Assessment. He updated this qualification to Cert 4 in Assessment and Workplace Training for which has evolved through the TAA and most recently the TAE level.

Quality and Training

Noel was the Quality and Training manager at Skilled Communications during 1997 to 2000, mainly covering Telstra C.A.N. and Exchange DSLAM.

As a Training and Quality Manager at Skilled Communications Noel designed and implemented many training programs both in house and through outside Registered Training Organisations. Overseeing of quality management team was also a major part of his role.

Noel carried out development and training for Electro Skills, Rhodes NSW and Mitchell ACT. However in his current career, Noel has carried out contract training for Telstra Learning Academy, Ramsden Training, Information Technologies Training (IIT) and Milcom Communications Training.

Another point of note is Noel’s development of a special Voice course for Optus/ ITT in 2007.

Currently Noel is kept extremely busy with Telecommunications Training for BSA Advanced Learning (Sydney) and GETS (ACT).


In recent years Noel has been involved in various consultancy roles and staff recruitment for both technical and professional positions in organisations like Skilled Communications and Integrated Maintenance Services. This included successfully recruiting telecommunications personnel in New Zealand.


Diploma of Telecommunications
Teacher Training Certificate – PSB

Assessment and Workplace Training Cert 4 (TAA, TAE)

Account and Vendor Management
IBM Certificate in Account Managementnoel blacky
Telstra Sales Management and Business Development Certificate

Senior First Aid Royal Life Saving (current)
Safety Training (Optus, Foxtel, Telstra)
White Card

Contractor CID for working in Telstra Network
AGS 36638161
Exchange access

Open Licence T03597 With all Endorsements

TITAB RPL Assessor No N01197R (ACMA CPR)

LG-Nortel (Aria) & Panasonic Certified Technical Installer Digital and IP systems
Globaltech and Commander Accreditations
Telstra Dealer Consultant.

Julia Aynsley


Julia Aynsley has her Telecommunications Certificate 3, which she achieved through her efforts in both theory and practical assessments. This telecommunications certificate gives Julia an excellent ground for her position as Site Manager and Group Co-ordinator.


Julia has also studied for, and passed at Credit and Distinction levels, the Diploma of Business Administration and is currently in the completion stages of the Diploma of Business Marketing.

Julia joined the family business initially as a casual and after a 3 months trial period, she has taken to Telecommunications and the management of business resources in very capable fashion.

Senior First Aid Royal Life Saving

Contractor CID for working in Telstra Network
Exchange access
Foundation Jumpering

Open Licence with endorsements

Traineeships and Diplomas
Cert 3 Telecommunications
Cert 4 Assessment and Workplace Training
Dip of Business Administration
Dip of Business Marketing – current

Telstra Dealer Consultant
Various LG-Nortel certifications