Is the NBN an opportunity for your business?

Every home and business can benefit from faster, more reliable broadband, the NBN or National Broadband Network is Australia’s answer to this problem.

The market has spoken with home buyers finding these new speeds vital “houses without connection or slow download speeds can be worth up to 20% less.” (Source:

Based on ABS building approvals for January 2014 there are roughly 200,000 new dwellings built every year. Australia renovates and redecorates around 6,000,000 homes annually, with around 2,000,000+ having work done with a value above $5,000. Those spending $5,000 probably wouldn’t consider upgrading their cabling infrastructure. If at least 10% of these renovations are major this equates to some 200,000 homes that have an opportunity to cost-effectively install a structured cabling system. That’s roughly 400,000 opportunities annually.

And don’t forget the NBN will eventually be installed in over 11 million properties including residential and commercial.

The opportunities are to provide the pathways ready to receive the NBN in which ever form it comes into the future into a location where all communications infrastructure can be concentrated. Alternatively it could be providing just a few cables into the locations of bandwidth-hungry devices like smart TV’s and offices. This however, opens even more opportunities as this client may now require additional light, power, security, CCTV and the list goes on..

The NBN is the vehicle to wedge open the door to a full range of services that you and your company can provide. Technicians are required to be accredited for this work with open registration, structured cable and coax, and more.

You can be confident, AQUATel technicians are licensed and accredited for this work and can help you get your home or business NBN ready.