Q.How do i access IP TV from my Smart TV?

A. Most new Smart TVs come with internet connection capability as either Wireless or through Ethernet port (to connect to an outlet in the wall). Although Wireless is the most convenient way to connect (you need to have a wireless router/ access point installed) – it is not 100% reliable and is prone to interferences from other devices, such as microwaves. The best way to connect is via Ethernet port – however that means you need to have an outlet installed nearby by an Accredited and Licenced technician.

Q.What cabling is required for Security system or Medical Alert system?

A. Security and Medical Alert work on the standard telephone cabling/ wiring. However, you need to make sure the outlet is re-wired as Mode 3 for the systems to work properly. Mode 3 outlet can only be installed by Accredited and ACMA Licenced Technician.

Q.What is SmartWired?

A. SmartWired is a design of the cabling for your home to enable various products and services to be connected – such as Music Distribution, Computer and Telephone Cabling, TV and Security cabling etc. the idea behind it is that every home should have sufficient cabling installed to allow for various services in the future.

Q.Are IP (VoIP) telephone systems reliable?

A. The quality issue of IP systems is often associated with the internet connection quality – this is true for those systems connected to the internet – HOWEVER, an IP system doesn’t need to be working through the internet. It is called IP because it runs on IP addresses like a computer and uses a Network cable, therefore if the cabling in your building is reliable – the systems should work well.
System can also work through internet – in this case it is very important to use a reliable internet

Q.Can any tradesman install telephone and computer (DATA) cabling at my home/ business?

A. under ACMA regulations, a tradesman must hold current ACMA (formerly known as Austel) Licence to perform telecommunications/ TV/ Security Cabling. However from 1 July 2012, technicians must also have endorsements additional to ACMA licence for the work they perform – eg. technicians working with DATA cable must have “Structured Cable” endorsement, TV cablers must have “Coax” endorsement, optical fibre technicians must have “Fibre” endorsement.

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